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A startup ecosystem enabler aimed at supporting startups by offering them long standing experience at all stages. 

What You Need To Know About Our Company

We are a community of startups and entrepreneurs  focused on enabling startups with potential for growth, scalability and positive societal impact.

As we are actively involved in the Kenyan startup ecosystem, we enjoy relationships with leading startup enablers and investors.

Our services

We empower the startup ecosystem by providing networking, mentorship, advisory, and training for our members.


Designed and built on a village concept, it features clans based on different industries where startups may network and receive guidance from "village elders," , investors and professional consultants who can help them flourish.


The ability to create a scalable, sustainable, and investor-friendly startup in the ecosystem depends on their ability to acquire and use the appropriate entrepreneurship, technological training and capacity development.


Podcast and video content, newsletters, Startup guides, checklists, and more may all be found in the center's repository of useful information for founders, startups, entrepreneurs, partners, and other enablers.

A hub where professionals in the startup ecosystem provide professional advisory and consultancy services to entrepreneurs, inventors, founders, and creatives in the community.

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