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We are a dynamic startup community in Africa with a unique approach to fostering innovation and growth. Our community structure is modeled after the principles of a traditional village, where a strong sense of community and support is central to success.

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At Anza village we believe in the ability of communities ..

We understand the value of coming together and find solutions to problems. We adhere to the philosophy that problems should be solved regionally and in a manner that is compatible with long term sustainability by utilizing and/or constructing local infrastructure.

1. Let's talk innovation

In order to succeed and expand, entrepreneurs must learn to deal with this risk. Within our ecosystem, we ensure that this is achieved by supporting them.

2. On Value Creation

The engagements we have with investors, and the assistance we provide for business development all contribute to the creation of value within the community.

3. We embrace collaborations

Startups need to work with corporations and other startups to quickly expand their services and gain market share, as well as to quickly scale up their current products or services and incorporate new solutions into their operations.

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We are on a mission ..

Our mission is to enable startups with opportunities for networking and capacity development, by providing access to affordable professional services, mentors, investors, and industry partners.

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