“Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, being part of a community helps.”

Jesse Muraya

Director, Strategy

Bigger, Faster & Scalable

We are an ecosystem of startups and startup enablers to provide Community engagement through Networking and Mentorship, Professional Consulting Services as well as Training Services for our members. 

We realize that financial investments are not the only kind of assistance for startups; being a member of a similar community where you can learn from others’ mistakes and receive advice from mentors and seasoned professionals is invaluable.

Our Services


Based on the African village concept with clans representing sectors and mentors taking the role of elders in a bid to enhance collaboration within the network.


Founders will benefit from both industry experts and investors who will help them grow and scale their startups .


Consultants are key players as they offer expert professional advisory and services for the startups allowing founders to have more time building their startups.


Weprovide masterclasses and specialized training sessions tailor made for founders nd startups with specific focus on the individual startup lifecycle stage.

Idea Drop

Founders are constantly creating and innovating and this is aperfect place to store these ideas , work on them and share when ready with their peers and enablers in the ecosystem.

Resource access

Wehave curated content geared towards startups and ecosystem enablers including publications and media content which is available in Anza circle.

Pitch sessions

Founders will beguided on how to have a perfect pitchdeck and will pitch during monthly sessions where their peers and mentors can listen and critic preparing them for funding.

Investor access

We create events and startup hackathons that give our founders an opportunity to meet and connect with investors for various funding opportunities through our various partnerships.


Through partnerships with various ecosystem players, both public and private we enable our startups to scale and grow by offering them investment opportunities, training, space and deals.

Why you should choose us

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Laurel Miller

Marketing Agency Director


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Randy Wallace

Design Bureau Director


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Anza network

A community of entrepreneurs and founders.

Pitch training and review

We will give you the right resources and advise in developing your pitch deck

Investor deals

We have a network of investors willing to fund your startup. You will get the right connection to this network


We match you with the right mentor based on your sector and the stage of your startup


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